Back to the booths we go

Whilst I am convinced that no one has visited this site, or is remotely interested in anything I have to say, I have set it up so I feel obliged to carry it on. To be fair I have been writing recently, just not online.

At the moment, the big story is the impending General Election. Going to the country early in a snap election is a very risky tactic that can, and often has, backfire on an outgoing government. Theresa May says she wants a mandate to go forward with Brexit, which is probably true. My main concern is that she just might get it! As far as I’m concerned, the best move would be to forget the whole thing and instead work closer with our European neighbours not divorce ourselves and pull of the proverbial drawbridge.

Last week’s County Council and Mayoral elections showed a large shift in the Tories’ favour. Turnout was very low, so we can only hope that these results are not an indication of the way things will go next month. Local elections are often seen as a barometer of the public’s feelings about the government, but this is not always the case. Local elections are often fought on local issues, which is how it should be, and turn out is notoriously low, so using them to predict the public’s voting intentions in a national election is often a dangerous thing to do. Looking back, the last general election is a prime of example of why you shouldn’t pay too much attention to the polls. Not that the media have learned their lesson from it.

As always with these things, the focus is on the party leaders, but there has already been much talk of tactical voting, with an indication that some parties are already talking about standing down ion some seats to help others gain votes, noticeably the LibDems and Greens. Whilst this is commendable, it also goes to show just how bad our electoral system is.

One of the highlights of the local elections was the near wipe out of UKIP. I would have liked to see the LibDems pick up more votes, but to see UKIP’s support collapse so drastically was something to smile about. Politic al pundits seem to agree that the beneficiary of the falling UKIP support is the Conservatives, which is not surprise. They are very much the same with their anti-Europe stance and lack of social conscience or morality.

As for the general election itself, hopefully I will have somethings to say as the campaigns get under way. Watch this space…

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